We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Ilios v3.38.0. This release provides two key new features:

  1. A completely renovated and updated MeSH importer, allowing easy command-line updating of your compendium of available MeSH terms to the very latest vocabulary released by NLM;

  2. Timed release of Learning Materials, along with an updated interface for LM management. Now materials can be released at a specified future time, made available for a limited time only, or pulled back from release after a desired window.

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Please let us know at support@iliosproject.org or in https://team-ilios.slack.com/messages/help/ (if you have not yet joined our slack channel, you can get started here: https://ilios-slack.herokuapp.com/).

Please download the most recent release and update your frontend to take advantage of all the latest updates!