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Past Progress:

2010 : Functional first-generation software application deployed.
2013 : Refinement and expansion of the product, and outreach to the larger community.
2015 : Support and expansion of the Open Source Community
2016 : Deployment of the API-driven application platform
2017 : Implementation of Mobile-Ready Interface
2018 : Introduction of Curriculum-based Granular Permissions Matrix
2019 : Deployment of Global Search for Ilios

Current Roadmap:

2020 - 2022 : Full (AA/AAA) accessibility; improved performance; personalization and preferences; site management; extended objective tagging; extended analytics

(2023 - 2025 : Community engagement; next-generation planning and preparation; enhanced preferences and analytics)

Since we began the Ilios Project in 2009, we have journeyed through multiple phases of growth and development. Beginning in 2015, we moved into the next critical phase of growth. During the expected 7-year lifecycle of version 3 (2016-2023), we will continue to extend and improve the application platform for mobility, interoperability and visibility of data across the spectrum of the educational ecosystem.

  ILIOS - The Tool : with the late 2015 release of version 3 of Ilios, we have begun extending the application to meet the rapidly changing needs of the health professions community in the 21st century. Building on and extending the capacity of the published curriculum standards designed for the 2011 - 2022 AAMC Curriculum Inventory, and leveraging the capabilities of current technology APIs to simplify communication across disparate systems, we look to provide ongoing and increasing support for complex competency based curricular models, for clinical and experiential learning modalities, and provide ever greater flexibility for interprofessional education. As Ilios continues to grow, we intend to provide the most effective mechanisms available in curriculum management for IPE, EPAs, Mapping, and the support clinical and other complex modalities of learning.

  ILIOS - The Community : with the continuing adoption of Ilios by professional schools across the globe, and partnerships with other premier schools, we continue to expand and improve the open source community of users, contributors, and leaders for Ilios. Our continuing goal is for the community to be self-supporting, continually growing, technically active, and widely distributed.