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The Ilios Project Core Team & Contributors

  • Sascha Cohen (@saschaben), Director, Strategic Development
  • Jon Johnson (@jrjohnson), Lead Applications Programmer
  • Stefan Topfstedt (@stopfstedt), Senior Applications Programmer
  • Jason Hedrick (@thecoolestguy), Applications Programmer
  • Dave Leonard (@dartajax), User Support
  • Rich Trott (@Trott), Contributor

  • Gaby Campagna (@gabycampagna), Contributor (Data Visualization Programmer)
  • Thomas Lee (@djvoa12), Contributor
  • Jen Zweben (@jenzweben), Contributor (UX/UI)
  • Geoffrey Boushey (@boushey), Contributor
  • Carson Tam (@ctam), Contributor
  • Victor Passapera (@vpassapera), Contributor

  • Loki der Quaeler (@quaeler), Lead Developer (emeritus)
  • Rolf Mortensen (@rolfsf), Usability Designer (emeritus)

Want to be a part of the Ilios team, and help to create even better tools and features? Ilios is an Open Source, community-based software application. Fork the code at GitHub, and get yourself started!


The Ilios Project is indebted to the continuing support and sponsorship from the Deans and leadership of the following institutions:

  • UCSF School of Medicine
  • UCSF University Library
  • UCSF School of Pharmacy
  • UCSF School of Dentistry
  • UCSF Institute of Global Health Sciences
  • UC Irvine School of Medicine