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Ilios 3 is coming!

August 29, 2015: The latest prerelease of the Ilios 3 code is now available for download and testing. This iteration adds authorization protocols to the system, calendar filtering for search, and a host of other updates. Please use the download link to see this Beta release and notes for the core code and API. This, as well as all pending release iterations, will be applied to the public ilios 3 demo site. For access to the demo (if you don’t already have it), please contact us at

While not yet ready for production use, this version will provide you with a basic sense of both the new interface and user experience, as well as the first draft of the stable Ilios API. Launch will include instructions for pilot deployment. Announcements will be made to the mailing lists as soon as the release is launched.


Interested in the data model updates for the latest Ilios version? You can get the ERD here!


Looking to install or upgrade your Ilios deployment? The best place to start is right here at our GitHub Wiki page for Releases, Links, and Resources. You can download the latest code bundle here, as well as User Guides, patches, information and lots more. It’s also a fantastic entry point into the rest of our new GitHub code repository.

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The Ilios Curriculum Management System provides the Health Professions educational community a user-friendly, flexible, and robust open source web application to collect, manage, analyze and deliver curricular information.

Some of the premier institutions working with the Ilios project include:

    • UCSF School of Medicine (project partner)
    • UC Irvine School of Medicine (project partner)
    • UCSF School of Pharmacy
    • UCSF School of Dentistry
    • SUNY Downstate College of Medicine
    • Stanford University School of Medicine
    • Karolinska Institutet University (SE)

    …and more

Ilios is currently under development at the University of California, San Francisco.

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