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Ilios: Curriculum Management from UCSF

Latest News

  • A New Re-Order

    It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and in honor of this auspiciously green day, we provide the following Q&A:

    • Re-ordering of Learning Materials? –> Sure Thing!

    • Re-ordering of Objectives? –> In the backend now, coming to your frontend next week!

    • Brand New API Docs? –> Yeah, baby!

    • New session attributes and the ability to configure which get used/displayed? –> Yes indeedy!

    It’s all in today’s update to v3.29.0.

    Let us know what you think:! more
  • I Need Answers!

    Wondering what’s possible with Ilios? Have questions whether you can do what you want with your course information? A good place to start looking for answers is in our FAQs page of the wiki ( The FAQs – and the whole wiki – contain tons of information about what is possible, what is available, and simply what things mean in Ilios. We encourage you to take a look, and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at and let us know! more