Development Process:

Building on the successes of the previous version of the application, and on the outcomes of the previous two years of discovery and development, the Ilios initiative is structured into three distinct development blocks:

  1. The first will be the primary application development, which will take place over 12 months, and result in a functional first-generation software application. (Completed 2010-11)
  2. The second block will be dedicated to the refinement and expansion of the product to allow more universal adoption, along with outreach to the larger community and the promotion of an effective open-source development community. (Completed 2012-13)
  3. The final block of 6 months will be allotted to the support and expansion of the Open Source Community to take ownership of the application roadmap and development. (In progress 2013 – onward)

During the first block, the project will achieve 6 primary development objectives, prioritized as follows:

  1. Match and update the existing functionality of the present Ilios1.0 system;
  2. Extend the core curriculum tools to provide management ability in clinical curriculum and in competency-based curriculum mapping;
  3. Create a robust user-centric calendar tool, which will be both the primary access point and interface for learners and educators, as well as the scheduling interface for system administration;
  4. Provide for a cost effective environment both pre- and post-deployment;
  5. Provide a contemporary and intuitive user interface; and
  6. Achieve all the above within a plan of long term flexibility, leveraging open-source communities and existing educational technology ventures to allow and encourage collaboration, communication, and innovation.

Success will be measured, in no small part, on the level of attainment of each of these objectives.

During the second block, the objectives proposed are:

  1. Expand and complete the deployment of the new application to early adoption users;
  2. Enhance clinical curriculum management capacities;
  3. Improve security and role management;
  4. Enhance and expand managing digital learning assets associated with curriculum data;
  5. Initiate the growth and outreach for open-source community sharing and collaboration;
  6. Seek opportunities for third-party integration and collaboration.

During the third block, the primary goal is to create a sustainable open-source environment for the long-term growth and maintenance of the application. Focus will be on converting development initiatives from internal action to community-based opportunities, and creating a robust and enthusiastic network of users. Depending on funding, this block may run concurrently or overlapping with the previous cycle (Block II. Timeline identifies time already expended and future flexibility based on concurrency).

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