Another week, another Ilios build, another chance to move ahead…

The past week saw our launch of v3.5, and in light of the rapid changes we have been implementing, I want to share a quote from one of my favorite authors and social commentators, Douglas Adams:


While we are – with every release – making it more and more fiendishly simple to update your codebase, if you miss a release, there is no need to worry. Catching up is easy, and while we are introducing new features and better tools every week, the vast majority of bugs affecting usage of the system have been cleared out. Six weeks out from the launch of Ilios 3, we are pretty darned pleased to be able to say that the application is stable, solid, and being quite well behaved.

Some of the items we’ve been able to plug in of late: “recently updated” and “draft” icons for the calendar; pagination for session management; collapsing sections for course and session objectives listings; we have also improved processing behavior, cleaned up reams of code, and generally tightened up the application.

Some of the things to look forward to in the coming weeks are memory management improvements, course rollover tools, new tagging management tools, repeat events creation tools, and expanded user administration.

If you have questions about the code or the process, or want advice on how best to keep up with the releases, please let us know and we will be happy to work with you.

The latest code can always be found at, along with the changelog.