With the public launch of the Ilios 3 codebase, API, and frontend, you may be asking yourself “Dang! What will they be up to next?”

And that’s a great question! Honestly, the work isn’t stopping for the core team here. We not only have an aggressive schedule for the addition of frontend features you are expecting, like course rollover, user management, and archiving, but we also are planning sprints to address a whole host of outstanding enhancements, UI tweaks, and feature requests. You can see a whole lot of them on the current issues list. And that’s not including enhancements to the backend core code, the API, and the embedded calendar module.

While we always look to address the needs of the overall Ilios community, everyone should be aware that the needs of our primary partners are the priority drivers of our schedule. We welcome and encourage input from all Ilios users, but if you feel you have critical needs or an interest in helping to shape the agenda of the growth of Ilios and the Ilios community, please consider becoming a development partner, and help to sustain our growth and improvement.