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Ilios allows for the control and development of complex curricula organized by individual departments, programs schools or institutions. Courses may be shared across these organizations, while still maintaining data integrity, security and intellectual property controls.

Program Management

  • Create and manage any number of unique programs within your authorized institution(s)
  • Longitudinal tracking: control the attributes and requirements of each unique program year by year, allowing growth and modification to each individual matriculation group.
  • Competencies: Assign competency domains to programs year by year, which will then link to the underlying courses and activities
  • Disciplines: Assign primary focus disciplines to each program year.
  • Streamlined workflow management for content review prior to public dissemination.
  • Full historic audit abilities for tracking record changes and updates


Group Management

  • Create and manage groups and sub-groups of learners for your curriculum
  • Add any person in the system to an instructor group and designate their role or classification
  • Automatically generate groups for a cohort of students, equally proportioned from existing enrollment
  • Assign default instructors and locations to groups and sub-groups within any cohort of learners
  • Copy existing groups and associating them freely within the curriculum
  • Capture learner information from external feeds (e.g. .csv upload) or individual form entry
  • Assign groups to curricular activity and provide direct, secure access to group members via the calendar
  • Modify groups assigned to curriculum objects and activities for each unique instance, without altering the group in other curricular assignments
  • Create and manage groups of instructors


Course Management

  • Create and manage any number of courses and course events for your curriculum
  • Associate discrete learning objectives to courses and learning activities
  • Assign competency domains and disciplines to courses and associate them with learning objectives to allow full curricular mappings
  • Control access and assignment via groups
  • Track distinct teaching hours by course part, category, and objective
  • Associate learning materials with courses and learning objectives
  • Create robust reports from controlled curricular data
  • Course replication and rollover from one academic year to the next
  • Share curricular information via xml / web services with other standards-compliant systems


Calendar Management

  • User-centric calendar access to all registered users
  • Multi-modal calendar search
  • Mobile views, synchronization and download of calendar information
  • Direct access to online learning environments and materials via calendar interface
  • Real-time alerts of schedule, location and content changes


User & ID Management

  • Import external feeds for enrollment and identity control
  • Export internal data for enrollment to 3rd party applications
  • Assignment of user roles by group, or individually
  • Public access for non-affiliated users, and temporary or guest access for non-permanent or casual affiliations


Workflow Management

  • Easy control of materials for editing, review, and publishing/propagation
  • User control over who may move any piece of work from one state to the next, ie. draft to published
  • Full audit capability


Data Tracking and Reporting

  • Full relational data reporting capacity via API
  • Teaching hours tracking and management by instructor, department, educational method
  • Content hours tracking and management
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Trend reporting
  • Full archiving
  • AAMC Curriculum Inventory Export Tool suite included
  • Numerous in-line work aid reports available in the Dashboard (overview available here)